Import Products from Amazon to Shopify

Linksis allows you to easily import and sell products from Amazon.


Partner with Credible Suppliers from Amazon

Earn affiliate commissions or run your dropshipping business.

Easily Import Products from Amazon

Expand your business by importing products from Amazon. Import new products to your Shopify Store in just a few clicks.

Enrich your Brand

Curate unique products offered by Amazon to enrich your brand and offer quality products to your customers.

Earn more Money

Linksis automations gives you more time to focus on growing your business. Generate more sales by integrating your search bar with Amazon's product catalog.


Here is what our customers are saying:

This app is incredible to say the least. We have increased our revenue by offering more unique products to our customers. We were able to implement both Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing in our store using Linksis.

- Taro Wellness

We are Amazon FBA sellers and Linksis was super important in migrating our products from Amazon to Shopify. This app made it easy to bulk load our products to Shopify and even set up Affiliate Commissions so we get commission when we sell our own product.

- NewGarden Group

This is one of the best inventory management app. In just a few clicks, we imported multiple products from Amazon to our Shopify store.

- TeeT Store


Simple yet powerful

Easy Product Importation

Product Importation is easy. Use the Amazon Product Page URL to import any product to your store.

Smart Search     Hot

Generate more sales by integrating your search bar with Amazon's product catalog. You earn commission from Amazon when customers make a purchase.

Multiple Affiliate Accounts     Hot

Linksis allows you to easily import from all 12 Amazon store fronts so you can cater to your customers at different parts of the world.

Consistent Product Listing

Products imported from Amazon are displayed in same look and feel of your store.

Customizable Buy Buttons

Customize the 'Add to Cart' button to 'View on Amazon' on the product page of imported products.

Product Reviews     Hot

Add product reviews directly from Amazon to the product page of imported products. Product reviews help build trust and loyalty with your customers.

Bulk Product Importation

Import thousands of Amazon products in minutes saving you lots of time and effort.

Responsive with any Theme

Linksis is responsive on any Shopify theme. We used Shopify API to ensure Linksis works with every theme that is installed on Shopify.

Auto-update Product Information

Enable auto-sync to allow Linksis automatically update product information so they are always up to date with Amazon.

Flexible Pricing

Unlimited Product Imports Unlimited Product Imports Unlimited Product Imports
Daily Product Sync Daily Product Sync Daily Product Sync
Price Automation Price Automation Price Automation
Bulk Import 100 Products Bulk Import 500 Products Bulk Import 1000 Products
1 Affiliate Account 3 Affiliate Accounts 12 Affiliate Accounts
Auto Geo-Localize Auto Geo-Localize
Smart Search Smart Search
Product Reviews Product Reviews

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